Welcome to the Affiliates Program of!


First; what is an Affiliate Program?


An Affiliate Program is where a Company partners with a third-party individual or ‘Affiliate’ to sell products or services for a commission. If the Affiliate sells any of products or services of that Company, they receive a percentage commission for their sale. So for example, if a Company sells a product for $1000 and pays 20% commission, you would make $200 for each sale of that product. That’s just one sale of course, but imagine generating multiple sales per day? Now you can see why Affiliate Marketing is one of the top earning industries out there today.


Now, the question you’re likely asking at this point: How much can I earn with


Here’s the setup and overview of commissions for Affiliates:


Social Media Management: Our Social Media Management plans start at $500/month for the Basic package and $1000/month for the Advanced package. Affiliates will earn 20% commission on a sale for Social Media Management services, so if you sell one Basic package you will earn $100/sale. If you sell an Advanced package, you will make $200/sale. Now here’s where there’s really good income potential — for every client you refer, you’ll make that 20% PER MONTH of their business with us. So if they sign on for the Advanced Package and sign on for a year, you’ll make $200/month passive income just off that one sale! A tremendous opportunity for a growing, solid passive income stream!


Social Media Marketing: Our Social Media Marketing campaigns are month-long campaigns at $200/campaign and we pay out 20% commission on sales of this service.


Web Hosting: Refer someone to our Web Hosting plans and you will earn a flat rate of $25. With prices for Web Hosting starting at $1.99/month and because we offer high quality web hosting at affordable prices that include many business services, you will find it very easy and profitable to promote our Web Hosting services.


Web Design: Very simple — you earn 20% on all referral sales you bring in. If the customer is quoted for and purchases a Web Design order for $500, you would earn $100 for that sale. Web Design prices vary according to the needs of the customer, but if you know people who need a website done, you can certainly make pretty good money as an Affiliate to our Web Design services.


SEO Services: 20% commission on all sales of any SEO packages.


Flyers/Logos: 20% commission on all sales of Flyers/Logos you bring as an Affiliate.


StartYourBrandNow Brand Packages: 20% commission on all sales of any of our StartYourBrandNow Brand Packages. If the customer orders monthly recurring services, you’ll be paid 20% commission of that package each month for every month of service with that customer is with us.


StartYourBrandNow Mentorship Packages: 20% commission on all sales of any of our StartYourBrandNow Mentorship Packages.


So would you like to become an Affiliate? If so, we’d love to have you on board! Simply fill out the form below and one of our Affiliates Managers will respond to your inquiry within 6 hours. We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂