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Here are some of the questions most asked by those inquiring about our Services or those already working with us!


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Frequently Asked Questions


First, what exactly is StartYourBrandNow.com?

StartYourBrandNow.com is a Business Services company that provides High-Quality Business/Brand Services such as Web Design, Internet Marketing, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, SEO, and Web Hosting. We are a small team of professionals who have been providing Services with tremendous results for over 5 years. We excel in the Services we offer and are able to provide Brand Mentorship Services to help others learn what they need in order to help their Business grow. We also offer a highly lucrative way to work with us and make money from home via our Affiliates program.


What type of results can I expect from with StartYourBrandNow.com?

One of the things we pride ourselves on is our ability to produce results with any of our Services. Of course, exact results will always depend on a variety of factors such as the type of business we are working with or what the specific goals are. However, we are able to guarantee that whether it be our Web Design Services with Unlimited Revisions, our Social Media Marketing campaigns, or any of our services, you will see the results you are looking for.


Do you offer any Trial periods with your Services?

Yes! For Social Media Management and SEO Services, we allow a one-week trial of our Services where you’ll be able to see the kind of results we are able to produce in only one week! Of course, for best results, it is best to work on a long-term game plan where we are able to build up your Brand, Website, or Online Business, but we will certainly allow you to see our work in action before buying!


What sort of communication and working relationship can I expect from working with you?

We are happy to provide our clients the best in Business Services and are able to provide 24-7 Support for all Services. Also, because we are a small operation, we are able to create a more personalized experience with great one-on-one communication. You will be working directly with the person actively doing the work, not an account manager. For SEO Services, Social Media Management, and Social Media Marketing Services, we provide Daily Updates and Weekly Insight and Analytics Reports that significantly detail our progress. We absolutely assure and promise the very best in communication and a great working relationship!


Can I see some of your prior work or past reports that show results?

Absolutely! We love showing those. Simply Contact Us with regards to which Service you are interested in and we’d be more than happy to show some of the work we’ve done with regards to what you’re looking for. You’re also welcome to check out what others have had to say about our Services on our Client Testimonials page.


When can I get started on my project? Is there a wait time?

You can get started right now! Just go check out our Business Services or Brand Packages and inquire about whichever Service you are interested in! A member of our team will be with you within the hour and we are able to start any and all projects immediately upon order! So if you want to grow or start a Brand, Website, or Online Business, you can contact us now and we will begin your project now! 🙂